Resources for New TAE Owners

Congrats on becoming the owner of a new site.


I own 13 sites, and I have many resources available that I share for free for safelist owners.

See my blog:


Autoresponder campaigns/manual for Safelist Functions


My eBook, “A Traffic Strategy”


Places to advertise

Best SuperNetwork Sites:


Solo Blasters

Traffic Packages


Have you considered joining Team Elite Instant Commission sites?

  • Even free members earn 20% of sales.
  • Silver members earn 33% of sales.
  • Gold members earn 50% of sales.
  • Platinum members earn 75% of sales.
  • Founders earn up to 150% commission. (includes Admin share)

I own 2 Instant Commission sites and am Founder level on about 20 others. Great for downline builders, great income. (You actually make out better as a Founder – all the money with none of the admin headaches).


List/downline builder resources:

  • Here is the list of sites I have on my own downline builders
  • Team Elite Responder (unlimited autoresponder, capture pages, subscribers for $25 lifetime) .  It has a great Affiliate Center with about a hundred programs
  • Total Downlines – free to join – add your site.


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