RFID Blocking Products

I did some consulting for various companies and industries that adopted Radio Frequency Identification tags to control inventory and increase security.  Here are some examples of how this powerful technology is being used in industry. [br][br]

Pharmaceuticals  [br][br]

For instance, in the fully automated pharmaceutical distribution center, everything within the “sealed” warehouse, each item, each package, and each palette was tagged with RFID.  As the robot retrievers progressed to the aisle, rack, and shelf within the warehouse, they located the palette by scanning the palette tag, found the proper package or case, then scanned each product within the case or package to verify contents, quantity, and lot. [br][br]

Product Factory Warehousing [br][br]

We were doing a beta for a manufacturing company who had to shut down the whole factory in order to do fiscal quarter end and fiscal year end inventory.  We chose a section of the warehouse for our trial that had these monster rolls of material that were stored on floor to ceiling racks.  The rolls were lifted by a track-mounted crane.  We tagged the rolls on the top shelf of the rack, which was about 40 feet off the floor.  In the mock-inventory, we simply walked down the aisles in front of the racks, and the hand-held RFID scanners perfectly read the RFID tags, even the top-most racks closest to the ceiling. [br][br]

Credit Cards

So, your new credit card now has an RFID chip in it.  Some unscrupulous individual can be as far as 30 to 40 feet from you, and scan that RFID chip without you ever suspecting anything was wrong. [br][br]

Consumer Level Products for RFID Protection [br][br]

OK.  You caught me.  I bought MY RFID wallet from a late night infomercial.  $19.95 plus $6 shipping, and because I acted quickly, I got two wallets for the price of one, and all I had to do was pay the extra shipping. [br][br]

I’m not asking you to stay up nights to get a wallet for yourself.  I found two different types of RFID-shielding wallets in the “As seen on TV” store in the local outlet mall.  But, better yet, there are a whole bunch of them in different colors and designs on Amazon.  For your convenience, I listed them below.   [br][br]

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