Safe Ad zone warning

Your ad was corrected.

To stay FTC compliant, your ad subject was changed.  Dollar signs are not permitted but I’ve seen interpretations that also include character substitutes such as *.   I changed your subject line to read:

 Make money For Every Email You Process And Get Paid INSTANTLY!

Be aware that this particular ad is BANNED from many ad boards such as SuccessQuik (there is a blacklist of specific URL’s, and this project can be found there).

As a safelist owner yourself, I’m hoping that this also is a concern to you: it is a borderline interpretation of FTC regulations that allows this to skate by.   I personally do not want to be shut down because the FTC interpretation changes at some point. 

I will allow it for now, but I am considering going with the SuccessQuick blacklist and making my safelists “Safe Ad Zones”

In case you have not seen this list, I will get permission to share it with you if you are interested