Safelist Membership Levels

I forget at times that “newbies” may not be familiar with terms I take for granted.  I had someone submit a ticket asking about membership levels. [br]
There are several standard memberships available for every safelist “script” (the software that drives the safelist).  [br] [br]
I own safelists that have 3 different “scripts”.  The levels are: [br]
All paid membership levels on my sites are LIFETIME memberships except where noted. [br] [br]
The specific question was about JV and SJV.  At one time, “JV” and “JV Partner” were in fact designations for the financial model in business called a “Joint  Venture”.  In network marketing, it is simply a name applied by the programmers of the safelist scripts, and does not come close to the financial definition. [br] [br]
There is nothing “joint” about it.  On safelists, if you are lucky, about 5%-15% of the membership are PAYING MEMBERS.  The owners bear the brunt of all operating expenses.  Owners depend on premium ad sales (like Solo Ads or SuperNetwork ads), One Time Offers, and affiliate programs to generate revenue.  The majority of the membership joins for free, they never purchase anything, and ride for free.  Free is not Free.  It’s a business and should be generating revenue to sustain and grow like any other business.  Many members actually STEAL by using “point scrapers” or robots to harvest points so they can send THEIR ads.  The percentage of “shrinkage” is far greater than the shoplifting statistics for a store in your local mall. [br] [br]
When you consider that the majority of the membership does not even have a Paypal email defined in their profile, that sends a clear signal that they have NO INTENTION of upgrading or making purchases.  This is no different than walking into Dairy Queen, ordering an ice cream cone with full knowledge that you have no money in your wallet – there is a deliberate INTENT.  Even if that person tells the Dairy Queen attendant after the cone is prepared that they have no money, the business sustains a loss because that product or service (the ice cream, cone) must be SCRAPPED and the service WASTED. [br] [br]
The whole concept is flawed because the objective is to show your ads to like-minded individuals who will actually VIEW and PURCHASE products and services, and in turn YOUR ads will be VIEWED and purchases are made of YOUR products and services. [br] [br]
For that reason, I am considering two options: paid membership only, or limitation of free membership for a fixed time period like 7 days. [br] [br]
Rich Moyer [br]