Second Chance OTO at Your Lucky Fast Cash

So, you did not take my advice and you passed up the opportunity to earn some REAL commissions. 
Yep.  That’s Right!
Could-a, Should-a, Would-a.
What if you could turn back the clock and take advantage of the One Time Offer that promised you ALL THAT GREAT STUFF
50% of Sales?
Surely you would not want to pay over $70 for the GOLD upgrade.
$17 on the OTO for GOLD membership that EARNS 50% of Sales…
And qualifies you for the NEXT OTO that offers an incredible value for the upgrade to PLATINUM, with all THOSE GREAT OFFERS and 75% of Sales…
and makes you ELIGIBLE to purchase the FOUNDERS Membership that makes 100% of Sales AND gets the ADMIN SHARE TOO!
Yep.  You screwed up.
Would you take that $17 upgrade to GOLD that opens the door to PLATINUM and FOUNDERS?
Well, now you can….
On your NAV menu, select SECOND CHANCE OTO…
and you are ON YOUR WAY!
This is truly a LIMITED TIME OFFER.
Don’t let yourself open to…
Could-a, Should-a, Would-a again…
Get that GOLD upgrade NOW!
Tick Tock…
Rich Moyer
NOTE:  This Second Chance OTO is available to Free and Silver members to get the GOLD membership, but if you are already GOLD or PLATINUM, click through to subsequent OTO offers for your NEXT upgrade if presented!  Founders upgrades may be limited, in which case that OTO would not be shown.
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