So, what is this “Life Balance Network” about?

Life Balance Network

There are about 25+ blogs, eCommerce sites, WebStores, Video sites, and B2B (business to business sites).  We also have about 20+ “mini-sites” and individual program sites.  Even though you may see many messages targeted to Home Based Business and other technical topics, Life Balance Network is my primary business, and the “other stuff” is just trying to keep the lights burning on the massive infrastructure it takes to support this many sites and servers.  I am first and foremost a techie (I’m sorry, but it’s burned into ROM), but I also love to blog, I love to write tutorials and make instructional videos, and all the “stuff” that goes with it.
We have my wife Barb, who is an excellent cook, and recently has been assisting the guest chefs at Cooking Spotlight.  There was a rumor (ok, maybe it was true), that you had to “marry into the family” to get to her treasure trove of recipes and cooking secrets.  We have been able to pry some of them out of her and even got her to write some blog articles, as witnessed by her huge following on Pinterest.
Then there is Bette Banjack, noted author, columist, and TV host, who has shared several article series and videos to post on our sites.

Health Wellness Sites

The majority of our sites follow the theme Health, Wellness, Exercise, Nutrition, Recipes and Cooking. Our flagship site is ‘HealthTipsAndAdvice‘, closely followed with ‘FoodsSource‘.   More cooking, where else, but ‘Everything Cooking‘ and ‘Famous Restaurant Recipes Revealed’ (the book site, and the blog).  
We also have ‘The Winery Blog‘, and ‘Tips for Traveling Cheap’ (the book site and the blog).  The Fun Time Travel Club can also be found on the travel blog.  On the exercise front, you will find many articles on ‘FoodsSource’, ‘Center for Yoga‘, ‘Health Wellness Exercise Nutrition‘ and ‘Body Building Vidz‘ video sites, and ‘Lose Weight After Pregnancy With Exercise‘.  
These are the blogs that people visit for information, articles, videos, and “consumer” targeted topics.

Technical Sites

We also have a “technical track” that covers specialty technical topics like ‘Excel  VBA Wizard‘ on Macro Programming, many blog articles and tutorials on HTML and PHP programming, some System Administration tips and techniques, and Marketing/Network Marketing.  
We have several sites dedicated to eCourses (lessons to your inbox), eBooks, PLR/MRR eBooks and Videos, various traffic and advertising resources, and programs and projects we use in OUR business that  we share with others.
The “pocket protector crowd” loves these topics, and so do Home Business enthusiasts — either people who already have a home-based business, or those who are seeing what is available and where to start.
Not all of  these sites is may be your “cup of tea”, but we have a large variety of topics, fresh articles and videos posted every week, and lots of great information.

eCommerce and WebStores

While many of our blogs have references and “widgets” to some products and programs, we have some sites dedicated to eCommerce, and some “Storefront” sites for major retail companies.
  • – We have “mini-Amazon” stores on several sites.  These select products closely associated with the theme of the host site, but THEY ARE ACTUALLY AMAZON.COM STORES!  Click on the title and it opens up to the full-blown website.  I just host them and pay for the advertising and promotion. The products, and prices are exactly the same as the full blown website.  In return, we get a small commission that helps defray the cost of hosting and promotion.
  • eBay Store – similarly, only targeted products are shown.  As with all the webstores you simply click on the title to open the full-blown eBay site.
  • Mega PLR Store – several hundred top quality, best selling Private Label Rights eBooks and videos.
  • Clickbank – the world’s largest information product distributor.  Just about any topic you can imagine.
  • PaySpree – a contender for second-largest information products
  • Life Balance eBooks – many topics in top quality eBooks and videos are available at the lowest allowable prices
  • The Netpreneur Store – Network Marketing and Home-Based Business topics.  Many resources and programs all under one roof
  • Fun Time Travel Club – membership site that saves hundreds to thousands on Hotel, Condo, and Cruise Vacations
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