SQL for TAE Admins

While most functions you need to perform are via your TAE Admin panel, there are some things you just need to do some raw database queries to get the information.  Your TAE database will not function without the database – gone are the old days of flat files.

In CPANEL for your TAE hosting site, there is a program called phpMyAdmin.  This is the “window to the world” of your site’s database.  

A “database” is a collection of tables

A “table” is made up of “rows” (or records) and “columns” (or fields)

Each field in the table has a specific name, and format


Key tables





oto, offer, etc.


How to find duplicate IP addresses in “members” table

SELECT ip, id, name, userid, contact_email, pword, joindate, lastpost
FROM members
  FROM members
  HAVING COUNT(*) > 1)

To check for duplicate email addresses, change SELECT IP and GROUP BY IP to contact_email
To check for duplicate name, change SELECT IP and GROUP BY IP to name

To reset daily bonus
update members set bonus_viewed = 0

Check your Navigation menu
select * from navigation order by seq

Find prices of banner ads – illustrates wildcard search
select * from settings where name like ‘%banner%’

The fastest way to shut down a site 
Go into MySQL Databases from Cpanel, select User Privileges, and turn them all off for the database userid