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Welcome to Gorilla Marketing Pro! Here you have all the tools and resources to start Branding Yourself and Your Primary Business Today.

I just recently joined Gorilla Marketing Pro, but I will tell you, I made a mistake. I joined, and took the OTO deal to upgrade to Platinum member. This, of course, is optional, because as a free member, you get all the tools and training for FREE. You got in at the right time, and are grandfathered in free for life.

Well, I looked around, and being in network marketing for about 6 years, my toolbox has everything I need to promote my MULTIPLE businesses. I made the decision to join and upgrade, and my initial pass through GMP showed me some great stuff, but as unique as Gorilla Marketing Pro is, there was a lot of parallels and duplication (I thought) with tools I already had. I decided to KEEP the free membership, but I had canceled the Platinum upgrade.

I have sat through literally hundreds of webinars, and again, I own 6 ESTABLISHED businesses, so I was not really expecting to be blown away. I generally consider webinars to be just a different spin on all the things I had seen before. I was wrong.

I had been with several other programs in the past sponsored by master marketers Tim Sebert and Randy Thomas. They disappeared from the spotlight for awhile, but they are BACK at the helm with Gorilla Marketing Pro, and retirement has not dulled the energy level I remember as a member of SEVERAL of their other WILDLY SUCCESSFUL programs.

You see, I have many established autoresponder systems, literally hundreds of campaigns that have thousands of followup messages. Not only an investment in autoresponders themselves, but also many hundreds of hours of "sweat equity" creating those campaigns. My decision to back away from the Platinum upgrade was based solely due to ONE FACTOR:
Gorilla Marketing Pro does not integrate with external autoresponders.

I sent a note to my sponsor, Michael Lines, and apologized for backing out of the Platinum upgrade, because he would lose the $6 per month residual income he would get from my Platinum upgrade. Michael and I already have a business relationship: he is not only my sponsor here, but also in other programs, AND, he is a subscriber and CUSTOMER in several of MY programs.

He told me to send my concerns to Tim and Randy – that they were very attentive to suggestions on how to improve GMP, and he invited me to one of the LIVE Webinars. These are not recorded, so I agreed to attend one session just to see what this was all about. As expected, Tim and Randy brought excitement and energy to this live event. But, here is what cinched it for me.

I did not realized that Tim and Randy ANSWERED support questions themselves, and in fact, Randy is the PROGRAMMER for Gorilla Marketing Pro. On the call, in LIVE CHAT, I was encouraged to put my concerns into a support ticket. There is no script-reading outsourced help desk responding to support requests. I had gotten reply from Randy WHILE HE WAS LIVE ON THE WEBINAR, and he committed to do the integration to autoresponder HTML form code that would allow me to use Gorilla Marketing Pro as a front-end lead capture to my existing autoresponder campaigns.

I made a mistake cancelling my Platinum upgrade, and before the webinar had ended, my upgrade was restored. As a consumer I have the utmost respect for LEADERS who are more than pretty faces and talking heads. I’ve been there, done that, bought the T-shirt. In ONE HOUR, I recognized that the excitement I witnessed, and the support I received from GMP made me decide that I WANTED TO BE PART OF THIS!

I hope YOU make the same decision.

So, how to get started

Login today and update your profile, Use a good picture of yourself and set up good contact information for your referrals to see.

Be sure to update your Profile/Your Affiliate Links Settings. Submit Your Primary Business and any other programs you are involved with, including affiliate programs for other businesses and traffic systems. Be sure to include your affiliate links. You have the ability to showcase an unlimited number of business, traffic sources, and tools in your back office for your referrals to see and join with you.

Tim and Randy have done an amazing job with this system, and I can see that new features have been added each week.

When you promote your landing pages (Marketing/Landing Pages), be sure to add a keyword for tracking. I’m a techie, financial guy, auditor, and analyst, so my brain is wired to look at performance and as a Quality Champion and ISO9000 auditor before I retired, I not only suggested, but facilitated SO many process improvements. The basis you must have to improve ANY process is this: "If you don’t measure it, you cannot improve it".

You will be able to see the results of your promotion efforts in the Traffic Analytics Tab, so it is imperative that you use GMP tools to track your progress on a daily basis.

Be Sure to check out the NEW Platinum Upgrade. You will be able to:
Create your own lead capture pages
Email your Members, and Leads every 24 hours
– Get Stats of your email blasts
– Use the Facebook wall poster
– Send in a Platinum support ticket (gets priority)
– And More…

Get all of the details by logging into your GMP account and click the second button on the Home Page
(It is the button that says: View My GMP Platinum Biz).

When using the Facebook Wall Poster, be sure to get a Domain Name and have it redirect to your Gorilla Marketing Pro Landing Page before you make a post.
This will help Brand You. If you don’t know where to get a domain name and how to set it up, the best deal I have found is with Names Cheap. I can walk you through setting up the DNS and redirection.

Join our Facebook Group under the Training/Join our Facebook Group

There are weekly training webinars:
1. Tuesday Office Hours Training at 3:00 pm EST
2. Thursday Gorilla Marketing Pro at 8:00 pm EST

Go to at the times posted above, and be sure to get a seat by attending 5-10 minutes before the webinar starts. These meetings fill up quickly.

GMP Super System Launch LIVE Webinars Learn More about Your Gorilla Marketing Pro System.

1. Monday at 9:00 pm EST
2. Tuesday at 9:00 pm EST
3. Thursday at 9:00 pm EST
4. Saturday at 2:00 pm EST (Special Webinar, may be Optional)

Reserve Your Seat at:

Be sure to fill in your contact details under the Account/Your Contact Details Tab.

Get familiar with all of the features of the Gorilla Marketing Pro System and have Fun promoting YOUR BUSINESS!

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