This is HUGE (Part 2)

Welcome to a Journey Step by Step to Traffic and Profits:
the NEXT PHASE of your Home Business.

All components below are required.  No substitutions. 


Total cost for this WHOLE PACKAGE is $102.95 USD per month. 

Don’t run away!   With only TWO REFERRALS, this WHOLE PACKAGE IS FREE!  And we give you the Tools, Training, and Coaching to GET THOSE REFERRALS!

So, Let’s Get To It!

Giant Profit Ads1. Sign up for the Safelist Giant Profit Ads as a PRO member using this link:

  • If you do not have a GMAIL account, SIGN UP FOR ONE NOW.  It’s Free.  It’s Important!  It MUST BE GMAIL.
  • You will be required to confirm your email address, so go to your email account Inbox or Spam folder, and click on the confirm link.
  • Login to Giant Profit Ads and choose the JV upgrade as per the
  • instructions.  You will be creating a subscription for $3.00 USD every month.
  • Bookmark the Login Page in your Browser. 
  • Write down your Giant Profit Ads userid.AFF Super Network


2. Sign up for an AFF (Admin For Free) SuperNetworks free account using this link:


Instant Traffic Generation3. Go to Instant Traffic Generation at the link below:
  • Sign up for a FREE membership. 
  • Complete the signup process by confirming your eMail ID at the message sent to your inbox. 
  • Write down your Instant Traffic Generation ID (the last numbers in the referral ID after “aff/”).


4. Login to Instant Traffic Generation.

  • Bookmark the Login Page in your Browser
  • Select the link for the lifetime upgrade to Diamond and check out through PAYPAL for $99.95. 
  • With this Diamond upgrade at Instant Traffic Generation, you get 30 Days free membership as a WORLDPROFIT SILVER MEMBER
  • Complete the signup process for WorldProfit Silver Membership 30 Day Free Trial.
  • If you elect to stay with WorldProfit as a SILVER MEMBER, you will be billed $99.95 every month after the 30 day free trial. 
  • Write down the Paypal Transaction ID for the Diamond Upgrade.


5. Sign up for Mad-Cow-Ads as a PRO member at the link below:
  • Mad Cow AdsBecause you completed the signup as a DIAMOND member of Instant Traffic Generation, and have accepted the 30 Day free trial as a WorldProfit SILVER member, I will upgrade you to a JV member of Mad-Cow-Ads free for one year (Value: $36.00).


6. Log in to Giant Profit Ads and send me a SUPPORT TICKET (on the left Nav bar at Giant Profit Ads) telling me:

  • Giant Profit AdsYou are accepting OFFER20140823
  • Provide your Giant Profit Ads userid
  • Supply your Giant Profit Ads Pro Upgrade Paypal Transaction ID
  • Supply your Instant Traffic Generation ID (Last numbers in the referral ID)
  • Supply your INSTANT TRAFFIC GENERATION upgrade Paypal Transaction ID
  • Supply your WorldProfit Silver userid.  (A numeric value. Different than the Instant Traffic Generation ID)
  • Supply your AFF SUPERNETWORKS userid
  • Supply your Mad-Cow-Ads userid


Within 24 hours, I will have all of your upgrades applied to your account.



I know there are many steps, but the bottom line is that you are getting:

  • A JV upgrade at Giant Profit Ads for $3.00 USD per month
  • A JV upgrade at for one year at Mad Cow Ads for free (worth $36 per year)
  • Both JV upgrades give you the ability to trade points for ads, you get higher referral credits and referral commissions, surf timers are shorter, and you get residual commissions for every upgrade and ad your referrals purchase.  (Pro members cannot trade points for ads and earn commissions).
  • Access to 3 SuperNetworks with the lowest allowable prices for ads.
  • Access to Pinnacle Super Network with Solo ads to over 20,000 members
  • Access to CA Surfing Supers Network with Solo ads to over 33,000 members.
  • Access to AFF Super Solo I Network with Solo Ads to almost 59,000 members.
  • An AFF SuperNetworks lifetime free membership that gives you a monthly allocation of FREE solo ads, banners, buttons, hot links, traffic links, and login ads.  These ads are sent from the AFF Supernetworks site. In addition, you can get referrals and commissions for their upgrades and ad purchases.
  • Mail to 2,000 members of Instant Traffic Generation every 3 days
  • Viral Advertising by simply using Instant Traffic Generation cloaked links for your referral IDs and website URLs
  • As a Silver member of WorldProfit, you get an unbelievable infusion of free advertising each month.
  • As a Silver member of WorldProfit, you can send a SOLO eBlast to 150,000 Double Opt-in members every three days
  • As a Silver member of WorldProfit you get the Best Internet Training on the Planet, a Goody Bag of tools and products for you to use and resell, and SO MUCH MORE.







I am now retired but I spent most of my career in the corporate world with Fortune 50 companies as a senior manager, systems engineer, analyst, auditor, teacher, and professional consultant, and I’ve owned a successful IT and Small Business Consulting firm since 1998, through which I have helped countless startups get going.  I am available for questions, to bounce around ideas, to do demos, or to help you decide the path for YOUR BUSINESS.  

Consulting is FREE.  This is my way of “paying it forward” as my mentors have done with me.


Congratulations on taking the first steps to having quality traffic and profits, training, and so much more.  You will not be disappointed.



Rich Moyer
484-902-8819 M-F 8am-5pm EDT (USA)
Skype: richard.moyer.1953@
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