Still Confused About the SuperNet Business Hub?

To make money online you must build a list. You build that list by promoting LANDING PAGES (also called squeeze pages, lead capture pages).
You DO NOT SELL products on safelists and traffic exchanges.  The sole purpose is to generate interest so they GET ON YOUR LIST.
If someone is curious about an ad you posted, they will open your email (that’s why it is so important to have a good subject line).  They can click on a link to credits and get more information.  (At this point, they are still a LEAD)
You present them with a LEAD CAPTURE PAGE so you can collect their name and email.  THIS gives you the opportunity to send them a “Welcome to blah blah” newsletter that briefly explains in a small dose, what it is you are promoting.  This is a great opportunity to share a report, ebook or video ON TOPIC with what you are promoting, or if you are promoting to other network marketers,  FREE things they can use in their own business: a tool, traffic source, credits, free upgrade, email swipes, etc
They have opted-in so they are officially on your LIST and have moved from being a LEAD to being a PROSPECT.
THIS is where you INFORM and GAIN TRUST.
Because people rarely make a buying decision on 1st exposure, the list provides you the MEANS to provide additional exposures.  It takes 7-11 exposures, even for someone who has a “buyer’s mindset” to understand the features and benefits, understand how that product or service assimilates with THEIR lifestyle (answer their question: WIIFM – What’s In It For Me).  Give them INFORMATION not sales pitches.  TELL don’t SELL with your follow-up messages.
This followup an be through many ways;  an email, a broadcast to your list, an automated newsletter on topic (using an autoresponder), followup phone calls, social media contacts, webinars, etc.
Before you promote anything, you need a few things:
  • SOMETHING to promote
  • Something that will generate INCOME.  (This is a business, not a hobby)
  • Some way of capturing their information and adding them to your list
  • Some way of doing followup
  • Some PLACES to promote
  • Some way to earn credits so you CAN promote
  • Adcopy for Solo ads and credit mails, banners, text ads
  • And a way to offer THEM to join YOUR TEAM so THEY generate income, and you earn RESIDUAL INCOME.
What I am proposing in “Oh, So THAT is How It Works” is a way to fulfill EACH of the elements above, get started for free, do strategic upgrades so you earn more commissions, build YOUR team of referrals that will generate RESIDUAL INCOME for YOU.
I own SOME of the places to promote, excellent advertising sites: Text Ad Exchanges (Safelists),  a Hybrid Safelist/Traffic Exchange, Mailers, and a Classified Ad site.  that not only allow you to EARN the credits you need by surfing and reading ads (both onsite and email), but offer  AFFORDABLE upgrades that give YOU monthly traffic FOR LIFE, and allow you to EARN COMMISSIONS by cross-promoting these sites, and offering TRAFFIC SOLUTIONS to YOUR LIST.
I talk about ACTIVE, PASSIVE, and ORGANIC traffic sources in my post, provide links to sites and resources.
I also own a free site that provides training, templates, and resources to build YOUR BUSINESS PLAN.   GrabThoseLeads
On most of my sites, you will find excellent (mostly free or inexpensive)  ecourses, ebooks, training videos, software. All my safelist sites have an autoresponder email newsletter that tells you about the features and benefits of each site.  These emails are generally assembled into a site manual so you can refer to them (these sites are like so many others – you effectively have a “how-to” for safelists), downloadable copies of my books, and I have many video training modules I created.
My recommendation is to take it slow: you are drinking from a firehose when you only need a water fountain.  Here is the blog post I referenced:
​Here’s how to get started:​
Start by signing up for the SuperNet Business Hub
Check out the Quick Start
Join Gorilla Marketing Pro for free.  Update your SuperNet Hub profile with your affiliate ID from GMP (Do this for everything you join in the 25 Streams).  At this point, only be concerned with GMP, and not the proximity marketing tools, giving away vacations, etc.
Promote GMP using the SuperNet Hub landing pages.
Promote these landing pages with the ad copy provided on the SuperNet Hub and ad copy from GMP.  Be sure to use the SuperNet Hub LANDING PAGE URL for every promotion,
Post Banners, Buttons, Text Ads, and Login Ads on Safelists (but make sure you have points to send out emails)
I hope this lays it out a little simpler for you.

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