Successful Marketing is Timing… 1,000 Members in 5 Days

Successful Marketing is About Timing…
1,000 New Membersin 5 Days

Web’s Best Mailer relaunched last Monday and now has brought in almost 1,000 new members. Talk about launching like a rocket!

It is now using the same "engine" that is behind Matthew’s successful launches this year of Your Viral List, Your Viral Mailer, and more.

Each of these mailers averages 100 clicks per email and high conversion rates. I use them DAILY.

That means that it isn’t just a high quality source of traffic as a mailer … it is also a high-converting way to build your auto-responder list.

Even if you don’t have an auto-responder yet, you can still build a list because Matthew will hold your signups for you and then transfer them to your auto-responder in the future.

If you need a great source of quality traffic that also builds your list, then click the link and join the NEW Web’s Best Mailer. Timing… Referral contest is NOW!

Rich Moyer


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