Surprising Success with Purchased Leads

Purchased Leads: Real People Answering Their Phones and Calling You Back.

I’m not usually a fan of purchased leads.  First, there is usually a problem with purchased leads – being allowed to import them into your autoresponder.   And, my experience in the past is that leads are generally “stale” or the information is bogus.

Well, I agreed to a promo batch of leads from Platinum Synergy, the makers of the Response Magic autoresponder.  I keep getting email messages that xxx leads have signed up today on my lead capture page.  The number varies from day to day, but typically it is around 13-15 new leads.   For one thing, I didn’t KNOW I had a lead capture page with them.  Apparently, when I signed up, they put a landing page coded with my ID into their rotator.
These leads are DOUBLE-OPT-IN leads.  They have provided their first and last name, phone number, email address, city, state, and zipcpode.  So, I started making calls.
In one day, I made 13 calls.  I got 6 answering machines so I left a message.  I got 3 callbacks.
I actually spoke to 7 people.   One was a flat-out, not interested.   The other six not only answered their phones, but they spoke to me on the phone, with calls lasting between 3 and 15 minutes each.   For each person who answered the phone or called me back, they all agreed to allow me to send a followup email outlining what we discussed, and provided information on the programs I felt were the best fit, and, of course, my contact information.

Approach as The Consultant and Not the Salesman

I approached these leads, not as a salesman, but as a consultant (which I have been professionally for over 15 years).  I let them tell ME what they might be interested in doing, and in all but two cases, I was able to make a recommendation for them to review the WorldProfit program, and I would follow up with them in a day or so.
The two cases in which I felt WorldProfit was not a good fit:
  • One had an established business for 27 years but did not do any email marketing.  I recommended 1) MLMROD for leads, 2) TrafficWave as an autoresponder, and 3) WomVegas for local, Word Of Mouth advertising.
  • The other prospect had forked over $100 for a program that left her high and dry.  Wearing the consultant hat, I offered to take a look at the program to figure out what they were trying to do, and I uncovered a key piece of information: the company claims they have sent her information via email, but the prospect was using Yahoo mail.  I have experienced so many bounces as a system admin from Yahoo, and was able to guide that prospect into changing over to Gmail.  I did not get a sale, but I did get a “customer for life”.
So, out of 13 calls, I did not get a conversion TODAY, but I did get SIX prospects who will take my NEXT call, and I feel they will convert sooner or later.  Not only did I build my list today, but I gained the trust of these prospects WILL become future customers.

Consultative Selling is Relationship Building

THIS is CONSULTATIVE SELLING!   It is conducted in a business-like professional manner.  These prospects WILL eventually become CUSTOMERS because they were treated with respect, they were asked about THEIR INTERESTS, recommendations were given but they were not pressed for the sale until they had an opportunity to review the proposal, and even get a demo before making a buying decision.   This is what is meant by CUSTOMER CULTIVATION.  In my experience, these prospects will become not only CUSTOMERS, but REPEAT CUSTOMERS because THERE IS A RELATIONSHIP FORMING THAT WILL BE NURTURED AND EXPANDED with every contact.
Now, let’s review:
  • These leads were called personally.  Contact was not made by a recording or impersonal autoresponder.
  • These leads were treated with respect
  • Personal information about ME was offered freely and honestly.
  • Personal stories and anecdotes were shared that showed that I understood the position they were in and have had similar situations myself.
  • The interview was conducted in a professional manner, and considered the prospect’s wants and needs.
  • Recommendations were made, but the prospect was given the opportunity to review the proposal without the high pressure sales pitch.
  • A follow-up email was sent, outlining what was discussed, information about the proposal, contact information, and a tentative date for future contact on this topic.
  • At the end of this interview, both parties left with a mutual trust and were open to future contact.
Let’s see your autoresponder do THIS!

Goal: Customers For Life

Did I get the sale?  Not yet, but I would bet that a high percentage of these people will BECOME customers, or even better, CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE.
You do not build lasting relationships with guerrilla marketing and brute force sales tactics.
Rich Moyer