TAE Script Comparison

I own 11 sites, and have rented/owned many others.

As far as features and functionality, the ExtremeIPL script is my favorite. I have 3 Instant Commission sites that use this script: CommissionsUnleashed.com, YourLuckyFastCash.com, CashStreamMaximizer.com

* It offers so many onsite and email options BUT as delivered, there are many problems with it.

* First, there is a vulnerability that absolutely has to be fixed – I had all 3 of my ExtremeIPL sites hacked badly. Roger Hoover has a fix that is essential.

* ExtremeIPL has to use a back-level version of PHP, which causes a problem every time they do a CPANEL update

* As far as both member-facing issues, I have fixed all of them not only on my own sites, but several others in the TEHB Inner Circle. I have value-added features like ad previews, edits where edits were not supported in the original script

* I replaced the tinymce editor with ckeditor that makes 600×300 login ad submission easy, and provides a preview

* I created a mini-menu in advertise.php that takes away the tedium of navigating – it is such a huge program

* Ad Status that shows available ads at a glance, promo codes used, etc. A companion for the Admin allows filtering by userid.

* I have created training videos and a site manual that provides step-by-step instructions for each ad type, a blog, a News panel, ecourses, a ClickBank store, Mega PLR Store.

* I wrote a "Daily Login Bonus" that allows members to redeem a daily promo code for a different ad type or points every day

* I also wrote some modifications for the ViewAllxxx admin functions that make a tremendous difference in cleaning up bad, missing, or wrong size ad graphics. With few exceptions, when the admin DELETEs an ad, it is sent back to the member account since they purchased or earned it, rather than actually purging it from the database

Kenny has several scripts.

* Freedommails is primarily a mailer.

* WorldTextAds and AmazingTextAds are full function TAE sites. Huge feature (I think I am the only one using it) is SetNForget Solos.

OneStopSolos.info is an SJV Solo Ad site (but only has 1 SuperNetwork – BlastOff Ads). Old script but dependable.

QuickCashSolos.com is also an SJV Solo Ad site, but also a full function TAE with many of the Extreme IPL ad types. I have 7 SuperNetworks installed on this site

I also have some ancient AdminForFree script sites: GiantProfitAds and MadCowAds. I reclaimed them after David Smith pulled the plug on AFF.

I also have a membership site using LFM: GrabThoseLeads.com. Not a blockbuster

The newer scripts LFMTE, LFMVM are stable, and feature-rich but everything is an option. I simply cannot justify the cost to upgrade.

I like Kenny. I like his full-featured scripts (ie WorldTextAds and AmazingTextAds). They are reasonably priced, and he gives you breaks on hosting, and ALWAYS has a sale or discount running – be patient and watch the promos. He does offer rentals that include hosting and SuperNetworks.

The Supers are a necessary evil but honestly, I don’t sell many of them. BUT… I’ve been known to rent sites that have 1 or 2 Supers for $5-$10 per month because the admin usually gets from 2-4 solos per month for each SuperNetwork installed. Do the math: 8 Supers for $10 a month… and for most Supers I can make bulk purchases for 99 cents each for my own use.

I’ve integrated Stripe payment buttons (a contingency for WHEN Paypal restricts my account)

Glad to show you around, do screen sharing, etc, or give me a call.


Rich Moyer
1-484-902-8819 m-f 8am-5pm EST
Email: richard.moyer.1953@gmail .com
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