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USC Title VII – Definition and Liabilities Associated with Workplace Bullying

My observations of workplace bullying on a live web-cast…

My Comments and Questions http://www.workplacebullying.org/2015/03/11/h1771/

There are some marketing strategies that have been in place for years by a particular company (actually the CEO of that company on live video webinars) that involve public humiliation, personal attacks, and guerrilla marketing tactics to intimidate potential customers to sign up for their program. If you do not respond to his degrading attacks, or if you are not willing to make a commitment for $100 per month program, he will “remove you” from the chat room.

This CEO also has (on recorded video) a daily webinar where he intentionally antagonizes individuals.

He has been known to take personal, confidential information sent to him on a private chat, and copying/pasting that personal information onto the public chatroom, and chastising the individual, saying that anything said to him must be public.

On another occasion, he publicly dressed down someone for producing fewer sales by using a “consultative selling style” rather than employing his rude intimidation tactics This chastisement was on a public webinar with 45 people in attendance.

Some facts to consider:
* The guy is CEO of a Canadian company, but he is a resident of Cambridge, MA.
* His company does business strictly on the internet and markets to an international audience
* This CEO is live just about any day, and these tactics can be observed any time
* He justifies his actions because he is a self-proclaimed authority and has written 20 books and thousands of articles on marketing.
* When challenged on something, his response is that “I am CEO and I will do anything I want to do”.
* There are about 75 volunteer “monitors” for the “Live Business Center”, on which the CEO many times accompanies those monitors on the live webinars, and publicly humiliates both the monitors and the prospects.
* Because I have disagreed with his tactics and have told him that I will not disrespect potential customers in favor of a more “soft sell” strategy, I have been banished from being a monitor which has caused me to lose potential sign-ups (addition of associates to my downline if not previously assigned to another member), potential revenue for closing sales on behalf of others (a $5 reward is given for each sales conversion if that associate is already assigned to another member), and potential sales commissions for sales to my own personal downline.

My questions:
* Even though the company is a Canadian company, because they are doing business marketing to US customers over the internet, is the company obliged to comply with US laws, specifically USC Title VII “hostile workplace” regulations?
* Even though the company is a Canadian company, the CEO is a legal resident of Massachusetts, and a US citizen, so strictly due to citizenship status, must he comply with the US and MA laws?
* The company may not be liable for sanctions based on Title VII, but is that CEO personally liable for sanctions?
* Is his banishment for those volunteering as a monitor due to failure to comply with his bullying tactics be considered illegal retaliation?