TEA Admin: Minor mods and fixes that make life easier for the admin

  1. autoresponder.php – change the query to:

    select * from autoresponders order by days

  2. memberadsremaining.php – almost the same code as adstatus.php

    See the post – customized for each system.

    Gives a count of all ads of each type that have been used, and the number available.  Also shows promo codes used. 
  3. fixed Custom Pages

    The problem was not that the program was broken, but I was unaware that the custom pages were inserted into the NAV menu starting with sequence #10.  Numbering caused the problem.The fix:  number your Start button, and critical items like upgrade, at a sequence number LOWER than 10.  I recommend creating a blank entry with sequence number 10 and turn it OFF.  Leave a big gap between 10 and the next sequence number (suggestion: 50).  All of your custom pages will be inserted after 10.


  4. rjmsendarmsgs.php Utility to dump autoresponders

    I never realized that the autoresponder messages were a “blob”.  I created a program to send each autoresponder output to email.  I then created a label in gmail and now have a listing I can forward or capture. 
  5. update.php. HTML strip of autoresponder message ad body

    Small change in update.php now formats autoresponder emails 
  6. edit.php – add preview to each page
     Preview code:
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
      function previewad(htmlcode)
      var win
      win = window.open("", "win", "height=700,width=700,toolbar=no,directories=no,menubar=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,dependent=yes'");
      </SCRIPT>Then add this line in the <form>
      <INPUT TYPE="button" value="Preview " onClick="previewad(htmlcode.value)">