Team Elite Home Businesses

Team Elite Home Businesses is probably the most innovative program I have found to help out the struggling marketer, not only to build a list, but also to generate some pretty decent commissions.

I have been jumping on the Founders memberships for the TEHB safelist/exchange sites.  If you do the math, it works out to be a really good deal to pay a one-time $177 for a lifetime Founders membership, which carries with it the benefit of earning 150% Commissions for referrals.  Many of these sites have “drip” campaigns already done-for-you in the TEHB autoresponder to keep the subscriber interested, informed, and active.

TEHB Highlights

  • $7 Lifetime Unlimited autoresponders, campaigns, and subscribers
  • Done-for-you campaigns for dozens of popular programs, including the TEHB safelists/exchanges.
  • Done-for-you lead capture pages for dozens of popular programs – these cannot be changed, but you can copy them into Your Capture Pages, where they CAN be modified and customized
  • 500,000 Points weekly – at various sites
  • Limited Founders-level memberships that offer 150% commissions and reasonably priced lifetime banners. 150 Per cent instant commission sites:





    CashTrafficMachine now has 1100 members and has paid out $7900 in commissions to the members

  • Points can be exchanged for onsite ads (banners, buttons, text ads, hotlinks) but not for Solo or SuperNetwork ads, however these are reasonably priced and extend the reach of your ads inexpensively.
  • A Universal Downline Builder that is integrated with all the TEHB programs – set it once for any program and all the TEHB programs have access to that one source.  Huge database of sites – automatically refers your downlines to YOUR referral ID if you have joined that program.
  • Even free members get a huge allocation of ads through promo codes.

    Signup free – use promo code newmember

    50,000 credits

    10,000 Viral Ad Credits

    1 Solo Ad

    10 Banner Ads with 1000 views each

    10 Text Ads with 1000 Views each

    5 Login Ads with 250 Views each

    2 Button Ad with 500 clicks each

    2 Block Ads with 500 clicks each

    2 Adsplus Ads with 500 clicks each

    2 Headline Ads with 500 Ads each


Global Viral Mailer has all the connections to SuperNetworks – also offers a lifetime GOLD membership for $59.95!


I cannot wait to see what else Bubba Joe has in store for us.  KEEP IT COMING!


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