Technique to do mass changes of bad button ads

Nothing worse than browsing a site seeing ad after ad with bad graphics.  

Cleanup can be a very time consuming task using the standard admin tools available in most TAE scripts.  

This technique shows how to use a couple simple SQL commands through your CPANEL account to quickly do that cleanup.


First, hover over each bad button image and write down the ID number – if status is turned on in your Chrome browser, you will see the URL displayed at the lower left corner of the browser screen.

Login to your CPANEL and launch phpMyAdmin.  Open the database (most likely, xxxxx_site)

Click on the Buttons table.  You will be browsing the banners table.



Here is the SQL to change these ads from active and approved, and return them to the member’s account so they can re-submit them.

UPDATE `buttons` SET added =0,
STATUS =0 WHERE id IN ( 709, 536, 628, 477, 65, 310, 298, 757, 226, 476, 474, 534, 266, 76, 385, 311, 472 )


Note that the standard admin tools typically only provide the option to DELETE the ad.  My opinion: since the member either purchased those ads, or traded points or commissions to acquire those ads, I hesitate to delete them from their account.  A better option is to position them as inactive so the member can re-submit them.


 Rich Moyer