The 150% Commissions Miracle

A new concept has hit the network marketing pages: 150% Commissions.



How can that be?

Who is putting up the other half so you can get 150%?

The only person doing this is Joe (Bubba Joe) Freyaldenhoven.  Team Elite Home Businesses is his brainchild, and certainly has MY  attention!  For more than just 150% commissions!  See what else…

Unlimited Autoresponder $7 for LIFE!

First, Team Elite Home Businesses offers a unlimited autoresponder, unlimited messages, and unlimited subscribers.  That in itself is a feat but he offers this for only $7 for Life!  Not per year, per quarter, or per month.  No 100 subscriber increments that bump the price of your autoresponder through the roof.  $7 Lifetime.  It also includes:

  • Fantastic graphic capture pages – many of which are part of a done-for-you campaign!
  • Done-for-you drip campaigns for DOZENS of popular programs
  • A universal Downline Builder that connects to ALL the Team Elite Home Businesses programs, and more.
  • The Universal Downline Builder connects to the autoresponder drip campaigns.

Team Elite Home Businesses is also known as Collective Team Marketing.


150% Commission Sites

The 150% commission offer goes along with the limited number of Founders Level memberships.  I for one have been JUMPING on these as soon as they are offered.   The going rate is $197 for Lifetime Founders Membership.   When I consider all the sites that offer so much less, and the amount I have spent on them, this is a no-brainer.


Banner Ads that are being VIEWED

So many times, when joining a new safelist, I will place just a few banner ads and then go back a couple days later to see if they are actually getting any views or hits.  I do this BEFORE I purchase any OTO or login offer.  There may be other reasons to join a particular safelist or sign up for an OTO, but I always test the waters before committing MY funds for a paid membership.

The Team Elite Home Businesses sites I have joined as a Founder so far:

Other Team Elite Home Businesses Sites:


Team Elite Home Businesses Done-for-you Campaigns

This list is growing.  

  • GDI
  • 4 Corners
  • My Advertising Pays
  • M&G Home Business
  • Twice Confirmed Traffic
  • Viral Mail Profits
  • List Legacy
  • Lead Skimmer
  • Covert Commissions
  • The Online  Ads Network
  • Wom Vegas Classified Ads
  • USA Leads Club
  • Organic Prospects
  • dozens of safelists, traffic exchanges, submitters, banner sites, co-ops
  • Member to member cash programs
  • Downline Builders
  • Autoresponders
and So many more..
In addition I have added my own campaigns and offer them to subscribers of those sites.
  • Giant Profit Ads 
  • Mad Cow Ads 
  • TopSurfer
  • Traffic Authority
  • Got Hits
  • Cash Traffic Machine
I have not figured out how to share these campaigns directly, so for now, I am putting them up on my blog, where they can be copied and pasted into your own autoresponder (TEHB or other).  That site is: