The Paypal Wars

I wanted to let all of my subscribers know that, while Paypal has not given me notice, I expect it is inevitable that Paypal will drop my account.  I had taken preemptive moves to ensure business continuity.

All of my businesses are either converted to alternative payment processors or are in progress.  I intend to use the following methods to accept payments and pay commissions:

  • Payza – for purchases and commissions
  • Solid Trust Pay (STP) for commissions only
  • BitCoin/CoinBase – for payments and commissions
  • my own merchant account to accept credit and debit cards – payments only


While I am still feeling the sting of the losses I experienced at Payza’s last temper tantrum, Payza is in place for most of my sites right now.  Most on-site purchases can be made using Payza payment buttons now.


Payza charges exhorbitant fees compared to Paypal, and they do not play nice with credit card companies and US banks. The only way I can transfer money in or out of Payza is using Bitcoin/Coinbase – all the credit card and bank transactions to load my ewallet fail, and Payza is just deflecting by fingerpointing. 

Be sure you join Payza, add your credit card or bank account, then get the necessary verifications as soon as possible.  You will have to transfer money into your eWallet or use authorized credit cards.

Solid Trust Pay 

STP also charges fees for everything.  Like Payza, you must transfer money using an eWallet.  There are no payment buttons available so STP will be used as a last resort to do person-to-person transfers only.


Coinbase is the eWallet that front-ends BitCoin.  Verifications are required to transfer money in or out of the CoinBase eWallets.  Once it is set up, it works very nicely.  I am developing an On-site solution using CoinBase Payment Buttons for Commissions Unleashed.  It will implemented first on CU as a proof of concept, then expanding to the rest of my sites.  Site owners are interested in my implementation, and would expect this same solution to appear on many of your favorite sites. 

So, that is the current status.  I will keep you informed of progress. 

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