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Don’t underestimate the power of

Word of Mouth Advertising,

Business Listing Directories,

Banners, and Classified Ads.

Wom Vegas takes the tried and true

Old School Marketing Methods

and applies to sharpest, targeted

Social Media Techniques that have become

The New Word of Mouth!

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About the Author

Timothy L. Drobnick, Sr is a Master Marketing and has been doing this his whole life.   He is a great marketer himself, and a great trainer and lecturer.  Tim is owner of WomVegas (WOM stands for Word of Mouth and Las Vegas is where they have their annual convention).  This is old school marketing with applied social networking superimposed over good ole “talk to your customer” and “build customer relationships” strategies.

If you would like to see all the services and products available through WomVegas, please visit

http://27money.com and use promo code 66282

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