All About Traffic Exchanges

If you are unsure about the differences between Safelists (also called Text Ad Exchanges or TAE) and Traffic Exchanges (TE), there are two free eBooks that tell about each type.

Master of Text Ad Exchanges

This free eBook will tell you all about a Text Ad Exchange.  TAE’s At the Top of My List:
Giant Profit Ads
Global Connections Ads 

Empire Text Ads 

All About Traffic Exchanges

This free ebook tells in detail about TE’s.  Sponsored by:
TE-Command Post
Tezak Traffic Power
Traffic Swirl
Hit 2 Hit


There are some very important websites to join (for free) an use as a reference for both TAE and TE systems.  The Hoopla family of sites provides RANKINGS, as determined by their extensive testing, on a weekly basis.  If you are going to join any safelist or traffic exchange, check these sites for the highest ranked sites. 

TE Hoopla – for Traffic Exchange Rankings
List Hoopla
Traffic Hoolpa – The best traffic rankings
Profit Hoopla – The highest profit sites

Get Free Referrals

Don’t forget to join the sites in the Downline Builders (also called Referral Builders).  Whenever you join a new TAE or TE, save the AFFILIATE LINKS in a Notepad or Excel file.  For every site you join, reference this list, and if you are already a member of sites on the Downline Builder list, then update that listing with YOUR affiliate ID or referral ID.
Your Referral Link can be found generally on the Tools and Stats, Affiliate, Resources, etc. section of the site you just joined. 

Everyone who joins UNDER YOU (meaning YOUR referrals) is presented with this list POPULATED WITH YOUR REFERRAL LINK INFORMATION.  So, if they JOIN any of the programs in which you are an affiliate, they become YOUR REFERRAL in THAT program too!  In many programs, you are rewarded (points, cash or other reward) and can collect commissions if your referrals upgrade or make purchases (of traffic packs, etc).  THIS IS PURE AND SIMPLE RESIDUAL or PASSIVE INCOME!

When asked for a REFERRAL LINK, copy and paste the complete URL of your Referral Link, including http://
For example, I would enter the full URL if my REFERRAL LINK for Mad-Cow-Ads is

When asked for a REFERRAL ID, you put only the ID portion of the Referral Link
* For the same REFERRAL LINK, if asked for the REFERRAL ID, I would enter only the highlighted portion

Reseller Fees and License

If there is a RESELLER FEE or AFFILIATE FEE for any particular program that grants you permission and license to market that product, only join IF YOU INTEND TO ACTIVELY MARKET THAT PROGRAM.  You always have the option to join the affiliate program later.