Tutorials can be anything from a brief bullet point list of items you need to accomplish a task, they could be a set by step “Do THIS for Dummies”, a video, a podcast, a slide deck, or just about any other means to teach someone else not only HOW to do something, but also WHY they are doing it, and WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).

This is my favorite type of blog and I use just about all the above media and methods.   

These tutorials assume SOME knowledge or at least recognition of the topic being taught, but if not, my first line of defense is Google.  Simply type in your question or problem, and within the first 3 pages, you should find SOMETHING that resembles the topic you are seeking.  Also consider Facebook as a resource.

Here is a list of those posts under the category of “Tutorials” on this site.   Keep in mind that I have about 25 other sites, and connect to several different blog systems and article directories.   I’m working on compiling an focused RSS feed for each of these so we have, in effect, and online catalog.

Here is what we have on Life Balance B2B:


B2B Resources for the Netpreneur

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