Understanding How It Works

TeamEliteHomeBusinesses is the platform that the SuperNet Business Hub is built on.
  • The SuperNet hub is a free platform that provides landing pages and followup for the 25 streams of income
  • Gorilla Marketing Pro is one of the 25 streams
  • So is TheDownliner, Pangea, Clixsense, TrafficAdBar, and many others.
The quickstart page may clear things up a little…
The idea is that you join the SuperNet Business Hub and use it to promote the 25 streams of income.
  • Join the 25 streams as a free member and update your SuperNet Hub profile with your affiliate IDs

  • When YOU get signups on your SuperNet Hub list, THEY are given the opportunity to join these 25 streams and they become referrals in YOUR DOWNLINE.

  • Eventually, you will want to strategically upgrade in these 25 streams ONE AT A TIME – promote THOSE like crazy using the SuperNet Hub landing pages and ad copy.  Upgraded members earn higher commissions.

  • As you start to build your income reinvest into your business with upgrades that earn higher commissions, get more traffic, traffic purchases, etc.

  • Eventually you will want to upgrade to the full version of TeamEliteHomeBusinesses so you have full control of the followup messages, be able to create your own landing pages, and you get a boatload of traffic for the one-time $47 lifetime Gold upgrade
This is designed to allow YOU to grow your business with minimal investment and grow to higher commissions as you build your business
Anything you join, you need to promote.  This is where the upgraded safelist memberships come into play – monthly credits to promote  
Traffic is a pretty complex issue, but here is a back-of-the-napkin tutorial
There is PASSIVE and ACTIVE traffic, and also ORGANIC traffic.
I would always opt with ACTIVE promotions like Solo Ads.  
I do include passive sources in my strategy (includes the WP rotator packages, Traffic Injectors, banners, safelist on-site ads), Classifieds, but my thing is ACTIVE TRAFFIC Solo Ads with the Ruby Solo eBlaster, Solos with TopSurfer, (both deliver 250-450 clicks per Solo), and I am a heavy user of SuperNetwork Solos.
I send on average, 500,000+ mails per day, which excludes traffic on behalf of my TAE subscribers.  ( I now own 12 TAE/Mailers, 1 Classified site, 1 hybrid safelist/exchange)
I use Solos and credit mails on my own safelists, and the 100+ others I am a member of, but most of all, I send Super Solos.  With Supers, I get approximately the same CTRs as most safelist solos, but the fact that I am sending to hundreds of thousands on hundreds of sites (plus priority delivery of Supers and higher point rewards), the bottom line is that I am getting 1200-2400 clicks every day, 15-20 new subscribers per day, and 30-50 new leads every day
Active Traffic in order of priority:
  • TopSurfer – 34,000 Non-Safelist members, 350-450 clicks each solo.  ($10 per month to be a Wholesaler) – many more benefits to the upgrade

  • Ruby Solos – 135,000 members – 250-450 clicks each solo ($17 ea / 5 for $67)

  • SuperNetwork Solos * – varies depending on system: 20-150 clicks each.  I have 26 Supers installed on my sites, and offer BOGO – buy 1 SuperSolo get 1 Site Solo free.  (Range from $1.50-$6.95 each)

  • My own lists (>10,000)  – 100+ clicks

  • Herculist > 77,000 non-safelist members ($47 for annual GOLD upgrade)

  • Pangea – 23,000 non-safelist members per ad

  • Referral Frenzy  send to 100+ safelist sites in 10 minutes ($27 Lifetime upgrade)

  • Leased Ad Space Solos ($7 one-time gets 1 solo every 28 days for life)
Passive Traffic
Organic Traffic
  • Leased Ad Space also posts your solo ads to the blog so they continue to get hits ad infinitum.

  • Understanding that strategy, I started to post my promotions on my blog (LifeBalanceB2B.com)

  • I have submitted that domain (and all my other domains) to 5000+ search engines using the WorldProfit SEO Optimizer Pro  (your domains should be submitted every 60-90 days)

  • Get a cheap domain name at NameCheap.com.

  • I have cheap hosting – great for a WordPress blog  (free software and training)
    >>>>> $39 per year hosting
Hope this helps.  The list is ever-changing
So, now.  Time to Take Action and Get This Party Started (your business actually)


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