Viral Links, Viral Rotators, and Viral Ads

You are missing out on potential referrals and 2-for-1 advertising power if you have not discovered Viral advertising on the Instant Commission sites Commissions Unleashed and Your Lucky Fast Cash.[br][br]

Viral Links – a link cloaker that places YOUR referral link in frame with your website display.  Viewers click on that link and join, you have an instant referral.[br][br]

Viral Ads – your webpage displays, then a pop-up displays across the bottom of the screen with a SECOND URL and a banner that, when clicked, takes them to the site on which the viral ad was created (Commissions Unleashed or Your Lucky Fast Cash).  If that viewer signs up for the safelist site, they are YOUR referral![br][br]

Viral Rotators will step through a list of URL’s (websites).  Every time that link is clicked, a URL from the list displays.  The rotator list looks like this:[br]



Viral Rotators are GREAT for adding a PS after your signature that looks like this.[br]

Rich Moyer[br]


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(of course you should cloak that link)[br][br]

Check out the video:[br][br]



Rich Moyer