FaceBook Group Ad Submission

Your Results Have Not Met Your Expectations.  Do You Want to Take Your Advertising to the Next Level?

Ever think about including Social Media in your Marketing Plan?
I will submit YOUR AD to at least 20 Facebook Home-Based Business Groups for $5.00
I have right of refusal for the content of your ad.

  • Make sure the claims in your ads can be backed up with solid proof. (No outlandish claims of any type) 
  • No claims that are deceptive in nature. (e.g Join business X and make $XXX,XXX a month!) 
  • No adult, offensive or illegal ads (including pyramid schemes and chainletters). 
  • Limit your ads to 1500 characters max.
  • Include only ONE URL (which will be shortened).
  • Complete Ad must be in English with no intentional misspellings.
  • I recommend that you SPELLCHECK your ad.  I will make any corrections I feel necessary.

This is a Safe Ad Zone.  Promotions will not be accepted for the projects on this blacklist.  See the list at this link:  

Refunds will only be issued if the ad is not suitable for publication.   A $1.50 restocking fee will be assessed for ads that do NOT meet requirements above (My merchant account assesses these fees and they are non-refundable).
Here’s What You Need to Do…
Step 1 – Pay for your Ad
Step 2 – Enter your contact information, Subject + Body of the Ad, and Target URL.  (Text only.  No HTML.  No Rotators)
Step 3 – enter the Approximate Time of Day (Eastern USA) When You Want Your Ad To Run.
Step 4 – You will receive a confirmation message to validate your submission
Step 5 – You will be informed by eMail when your ad is scheduled to run.


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