Ways to Promote WebcastSource.net

Here are just a few ways to promote WebcastSource.net but don’t limit yourself to just these.  

1. Home Business Forums.
The web is filled with forums.  Type those 3 key words into Google and there you will find lots and lots of places to promote your exchange.

2. Social Media
Use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, DIGG and so many others for promotion of WebcastSource.net

3. Add WebcastSource.net links or banners on your WorldProfit Silver or Platinum VIP Member’s website, or any other website you own.

4. Write a press release about your new WebcastSource.net membership and post this to free Press Release sites.   Example: www.PRLOG.com or www.Free-Press-Release.com
Again, do a Google search for “free press release sites” and you are on your way.

5.  Signature File
Every email you send out can include a line or two about WebcastSource.net. Example:
HEY! Get FREE ADVERTISING at WebcastSource. net

6. Update your profile in your Worldprofit Member area or your OTHER PROFILES on other sites.
Be sure to include WebcastSource.net in your profile on Google, Linked In, etc.  

7. Use the tools included in your Worldprofit Membership to promote WebcastSource.net, including your Newsletter and Prospect Emailer. Don’t stop there, the next time you are in your Member area think about how you can use the SEO tool kit and the other resources in there to now start promoting WebcastSource.net.

8. Blog about WebcastSource.net.  Blog about what a Safelist Exchange is, what you offer and how people benefit.  Don’t forget to include the address of WebcastSource.net within your blog post. 

9. Add links to WebcastSource.net EVERY where you can – on your blog, on classified ad sites, in forums and more.  

10. The world loves FREE! Now you have just one more service you can offer your contacts – a free Membership at WebcastSource.net

11. Place WebcastSource.net banners, buttons, and login ads on every new safelist you join.  Don’t forget about traffic links and hot links.

12.  Add your WebcastSource.net Splash Page URL to all Traffic Exchanges.

– See more at: http://www.webcastsource.com/default.cfm?pageid=498363#sthash.9zmFUZW7.dpuf