We need More Live Business Center Monitors!

Our Live Business Center system runs on the generosity of our volunteer Monitors booking hours, the more each person contributes the more effective the system runs. We need MORE MONITORS!

Great opportunity for Silver and Platinum Members! Learn Video Marketing and get the benefits!

About the Live Business Center Monitor Program.

If you are interested in learning more about the Monitor Program, submit a support ticket.

Brian Armstrong, Linda Elze, and Wallace Johnson are our Monitor Supervisors. They will get you started in your training.

This is fun! Don’t fret about being perfect. The best qualities to have as a Monitor are to be a regular Joe or Jane, honest and down to earth.
This company is about people helping people. We are about HELP, not HYPE and as a Monitor it’s important to know that.

Let’s get you up in the LBC training and advanced to SR Monitor so you can start enjoying the SR Monitor perks:

-Get $5 per close of a Silver Sale, monthly membership
-Get $10 for close of a Silver Sale, one year membership.
-Get unsponsored Associates assigned to you
-Get free Associates for Silver sales closes
-Get free safelist ad credits for advertising
-Get face time on screen, so when your own Associates and Dealers login, they can meet you! GREAT business relationship building.
-Enjoy MONITOR ONLY reserved Special Offers and bonuses on Membership renewal
-The respect and appreciation of George Kosch and Sandi Hunter for committing to this company

We give you all the training, and hold your hand while learning.

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Rich Moyer
WorldProfit Platinum VIP Member 4+ years


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