WebcastSource.net Promo Code 20151008

Daily Promo Code 

For each of my safelists/traffic exchanges, you can earn credits simply by logging in, and making a couple clicks each day. I’ll do the easiest first:
Giant Profit Ads Giant Profit Ads and Mad Cow Ads:
How to Earn the Daily Bonus
Click the Daily Bonus (above the NAV menu)
View the ad, and allow the countdown timer to expire
You will receive between 2000 and 5000 credits
Mad Cow Ads Close the tab.
How to Get and Redeem the Daily Promo Code
Go to Members Home 
Scroll down until you see the section Login Rewards Promo Code
Click the Get The Promo Code button
Double click the promo code on the line above the button (ie Wednesday201507Oct)
Ctrl c to copy to the clipboard
Go to Advertise Here on the NAV menu
Scroll down past the banners to Redeem Promo Code
Click inside the box labeled Code: and do Ctrl v
Click the Redeem Promo Code button
You will receive the following Rewards:
Each day will be a different reward:
Sunday – 1 Button ad w 500 views
Monday – 1 Traffic Link w 500 views
Tuesday – 1 Hot Link w 500 views
Wednesday – 1 Traffic Link w 500 view
Thursday – 1 Button ad w 500 views
Friday – 1 Banner ad w 500 views
Saturday – 1000 Points

Click THIS LINK to get your daily promo code
Double click the highlighed promo code (ie Wednesday201507Oct)
Ctrl c to copy into the clipboard
Login to WebcastSource.net
Click Promo Code on the main menu
Click inside the box labeled Promo Code:
Ctrl v to paste the code from the clipboard
Click the button Enter Promo Code
You will receive 500 safelist credits (can be used for banner, text, or login ads)
and 25 visitor credits (can be applied to your ads in the Exchange)
If you are not a member of Giant Profit Ads JOIN HERE for free
If you are not a member of Mad Cow Ads JOIN HERE  for free
If you are not a member of WebcastSource.net JOIN HERE  for free
Rich Moyer