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Missed Opportunities
As an admin, I see many things that our members can do to improve their network marketing skills, and get much better results.  The consultant in me just has to tell you about them without a “sales push” like you might get elsewhere.
1. More Activity, More Traffic
So, I see many of you are submitting many ads, which makes me happy.  The more active members we have, generating more traffic, is great for all of us.  Thank you. 
​​​2. Ad Tracking
I see that many of you are submitting the raw (uncloaked) target URL’s on your ads.  First, there are unscrupulous marketers out there that literally “steal” your sales by simply substituting THEIR affiliate ID for yours.  Easy to do.   By using a URL cloaker like tinyURL, Viral URL, or even Google cloaker, you are hiding your true affiliate ID so it cannot easily be stolen.
The biggest advantage of using link cloakers is  to show you the statistics for your ads.  A cloaker like ViralURL(free) gives not only clicks, but also WHERE your clicks have originated.  This helps you determine the effectiveness of your ads, and make adjustments (look up Split Testing).
3. Lead Capture
You all should  consider using a LANDING PAGE (also called Squeeze Page, Lead Capture Page) so you BUILD YOUR LIST.
Advertising products or services directly on safelists and traffic exchanges generally yields poor results.  The whole idea behind Network Marketing is to
  • a) build your list, then
  • b) cultivate your leads into prospects then buyers.
Studies show that it takes 7 to 11 exposures of a product, service, or concept before people “get it”.  Your chances are much better for getting to that level of exposure once people are ON YOUR LIST.  You become a familiar name to them, you address THEIR needs by providing information about the product or service you offer, and you gain their trust by giving THEM information and not hitting them day after day with promos. 
A better approach is to TELL your list of how YOU use the products, how it benefits YOU, and how this can SOLVE A PROBLEM for your prospects.  You give this information to them using an AUTORESPONDER that automatically sends your messages to your list(s).
I have and use many lead capture and autoresponder systems, and each has its own benefits and warts.   I have GVO/Pure Leverage, TrafficWave, Aweber, GetResponse, ResponseMagic, M&G Home Business, All-In-One-Profits, and several others.
The most inexpensive, most robust,  and coolest system I have found uses the same platform as Fast Capture Pages ($117 one-time), Lead System Network (LSN – $24.95 per month), and Xtreme Lifestyles Network (XLN – $11.95 per month).   
TEHBMy recommendation is Team Elite Home Business ​ (also called Collective Team Marketing CTM), that you can get unlimited campaign autoresponders, unlimited messages, and unlimited subscribers for a lifetime fee of $7.00 USD​.  There are dozens of done-for-you “drip campaigns” (message sequences), lead capture pages, and the most comprehensive Downline Builder I have found.
To help my subscribers, I also have a blog on which I post autoresponder campaigns that can be copy/pasted into your own autoresponder.
There are other reasons to join XLN: 4 Corners Alliance, National Wealth Center, ProTravelPlus (on hold), so if you are already a member of XLN, it still may make sense to look at TEHB for the phenomenal Downline Builder and done-for-you campaigns (it’s $7 one-time – worth giving up that Starbucks grande mocha caramel drippy chocolate thingy for ONE DAY!)
I hope this helps – I am suggesting a shift in mindset from “Sell something on the internet” to BUILD YOUR LIST and SELL TO YOUR LIST.
As always, please feel free to contact me with questions, if you want a demo, or are curious about other resources I can share with you.

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