What to promote, where

There are literally thousands of safelists. I recommend in my book that you join 1 new safelist every day.

  • READ email ads for free incentives to join, ad packages, free upgrades, promo codes
  • Watch for sites that offer free monthly ads (typically with upgrades but some sites provide monthly ads for everyone)
  • Use these sites primarily to send emails
  • Record the login url, loginid, password, email for each site you join
  • Record AFFILIATE URL for each site you join (used to complete downline builders)
  • Record banner-url (468×60), button-url (125×125), and login-ad-url (600×300) for sites you intend to promote

Back to strategy…

Priority: send emails to promote your primary streams of income (TEHB, TDL, 1Goldmine)

Secondary: Post banners, buttons, and text ads on those safelist sites for your primary streams of income, and

Tertiary: Post emails, banners, buttons for safelist sites that can earn the most commission for you. For instance,