Where Do I Start?

Save this email somewhere you can access it.  Think of this like a reference book – you would not necessarily read it and each item cover to cover, but instead view it like a reference book that you look for what you need when you need it.
Remember – how do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.
First – WorldProfit Instant Silver Program.  
Try it for 30 days. You can cancel any time with no penalty. $99.95 per month.  
If later down the road you decide you want in for the long term with WorldProfit, I would recommend the Silver “Show Home” Package – a one-year membership.   You pay up front $497 but you get so much more.  Save 60-70% over the month-to-month Silver membership.  Too soon to think about that.  Let’s get signed up, select your domain name (important), and start the training.  
Since you are in the US, I recommend signing up for a Paypal Business account (free), then apply for Paypal Credit  Your WorldProfit membership of $99.95 per month qualifies for Paypal Credit where you can defer payment for 60 days interest free.  This is rolling credit, so you can charge EACH MONTH WorldProfit membership on Paypal Credit.  Sign up with this link.
Got Backup​
I do recommend this as an inexpensive but robust set-n-forget backup solution for everyone. Unlimited Cloud storage, accessible from any internet connection. Sign up, download, and 5 minute setup as a USER. I do not recommend this for YOU as a reseller at this time.  Sign up here
Great Videos (including my video testimonial)
Latest Joel Therien video 
Team Elite Responder​
The $7 Miracle.  Great capture pages and done-for-you autoresponder campaigns.  Unlimited campaigns, messages, and subscribers for $7 Lifetime, one-time cost.  Incredible integrated downline builder (huge once you start promoting TEHB (Team Elite Home Businesses – the same as Team Elite Responder just packaged differently).  
Plus I have a blog that has my own campaigns free for you to use – just create the campaign and copy/paste to build out the followup messages for your campaign.
My eBook, “A Traffic Strategy” was actually a build-out of one of my blogs, “All These Wonderful Tools Do No Good Without Traffic“.   
On that same website, there are TONS of home business articles and tutorials.  Sign up here for the 400 days of Home Business Tips Newsletter using the form at the upper right corner of each page.
Places to Promote
For your reference, here is a partial list of my TEHB safelists, traffic exchanges, mailers, and PTC (paid to click) sites.   Does not include to two sites I just bought last week, or the 15 top level sites I joined just this morning. If you decide to  join some of them, join for free and upgrade to no more than GOLD level.
Don’t go crazy joining and upgrading these YET – you will have plenty of safelists and traffic exchanges with free ads at WorldProfit.  You automatically get 12 lifetime memberships to high level traffic sites AND a monthly traffic “injection” every month THAT YOU MUST CLAIM on the WorldProfit website.
Here is a mailing list that sends one site and a promo code for free ads to your inbox daily.   Promo codes sometimes expire so I would use them when you get them.
I have quite a few eCourses – mini course lessons delivered to your inbox over a few days.  This site also has many of my most trusted safelists, traffic exchanges, mailers, lead capture, etc.
​That’s it for now.  Let’s touch base in several weeks.

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