Where to Post Safelist Affiliate Text Links, Banners, and Ads

Where to Post Safelist Affiliate Text Links, Banners, and Ads

Tip: Don’t post ads for the site you are posting to on that same site. The people who would view and click that ad or exchange site are already members.

Some exceptions: WebcastSource, Network blasters, SuperNetwork Solo Sites, TOAN.

For example:

WebcastSource – All banners, text ads, member-to-member mail, and solos are seen not only by the members on WCS (only 84) but all members of the WorldProfit Network segment that has 22,029 members

Network Blasters like BlastMyAds blast all ad types to tens of thousands of members (> 119,000) across many sites. Your ad will be sent to the BMA host site (like GiantProfitAds or MadCowAds) but it also goes to 58 other sites.

SuperNetwork Solo Sites – The site from which you originate the Solo may be included in the distribution but it goes to each of the member sites and is distributed to each member by the local site.

TOAN (TheOnlineNetwork) – Text and Banner ads are seen across many media types – classified sites, internet ad sites, and even print ads

Make the most of your advertising time and money by understanding the different ad types, target audiences, and features and benefits of each.

Rich Moyer

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