Worldprofit’s 23rd Birthday Special is NOW ON… (Details Inside)

It’s finally arrived… our 23rd year online! To celebrate we have some incredible upgrade offers including our 12 memberships and more. Login for details…

We are often asked about our incredible 12 Lifetime Paid Upgrades at our 12 TOP Traffic Generation Sites when you UPGRADE TO SILVER MEMBERSHIP.

The biggest question we get is "What are the sites and details of those sites and how EXACTLY are you able to do this?"

Answer: When you upgrade to our Silver Membership the cost is $99.95 for the first month. But with that first month you get these 12 Memberships that are paid upgrades at no cost for LIFE. Meaning you keep them all NO MATTER WHAT!

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We do this to keep you as a customer for life no matter if you stay in our Silver Membership or not. You get our support for life!

Let’s overview the 12 sites and give you some details:

  1. this is our flagship safelist. It has over 15,000 members and grows every single day. Our lifetime membership sells for $99.95 regular price.
  2. another top safelist we have owned and operated for 10 years. It has over 12,000 members. Normal cost is $99.95.
  3. 22,000 Members (This is George Kosch’s creation and was built over 10 years ago)
  4. 3,000 Members
  5. 1,800 Members
  6. 22,000 Members
  7. 21,000 Members
  8. 1,700 Members
  9. 8,000 Members
  10. 4,000 Members
  11. 4,000 Members
  12. Lifetime Upgrade and 5 solos at 4,500 Members

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To top off this extreme traffic package we also include:

  • SEO Optimizer Pro – ONE year account (700,000 + Search Engines, Classifieds, Directories & more) ( Value: $79 )
  • Full 1 Click Submit Campaign – ONE year account (posts to over 7,000 high traffic sites) (Value: $97)
  • 100,000 Ad Blast Using Our Sokule Submitter (Value: $17)
  • 35,000+ aWeber Solo Ad (Value: $68) (See List Proof — Click Here)

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Hope to see you on the "traffic side".

Oh ya, and you get weekly live training and over 100 tools to promote your affiliate links with…