Why Is This WP Complaint Still Unresolved After 4 Years?

I, and thousands of WordPress users, have been fostering our frustration with an issue with the WordPress post editor that is now spanning over four years.  I see this bantered around, and every other solution I see promises a fix but all of these efforts are impossibly inadequate, and most simply do not work.  The bigger question: Why won’t WordPress developers simply FIX THIS ISSUE and resolve a huge WP Complaint?

WP Complaint: Leave My Paragraph and Line Breaks ALONE!


[br]The issue is around how WordPress strips off paragraph and line breaks.

I seem I spend an inordinate amount of time making sure my post looks exactly how I want it to look, I publish, and the resulting  post looks like I did not pay any attention to line spacing, paragraphs, spacing around graphics, etc.

This is one of many issues I have with the WordPress editor.

I just recently found an article that tells me how to resolve the disappearing paragraph and line break issue.  Simple but elegant.  You simply add a function in the theme’s function.php file to create a short code that inserts the break at Run Time.  (Note: be sure to take a backup first, or better yet, do it right by creating a Child Theme that supersedes the original function.php functionality).

Since a Shortcode is processed at Run Time, the editor does not have the opportunity to strip your extraneous (in WP thinking) line and paragraph breaks.


The Code, thanks to AJ Clarke (http://www.wpexplorer.com/wordpress-line-break/ 5/12/2011) is as follows:

/* ——- Line Break Shortcode ——–*/
function line_break_shortcode() {
return ‘<br />’;
add_shortcode( ‘br’, ‘line_break_shortcode’ );


Installing This Shortcode Fix

Make a backup of the function.php file


In the WP-Admin Dashboard, go into Appearance | Editor





Next, select the functions.php file


In the Edit window, go down to the bottom of the file.


Copy and Paste the code above (after [code] and before [/code] ) at the very end of the functions.php file


Click the Update File button




Another Pet Peeve – The Limited functionality of the WYSIWYG Editor

I recently have found a great plugin that handles the majority of my gripes.  The plugin is called WP-EDIT and it allows you to do many functions that previously took a PHD in web design to create using WordPress.   My biggest complaints with the standard editor is that certain key functions for creating even marginally acceptable webpage presentations were simply missing:

Table functions – add, modify tables from the WYSIWYG editor

  • A horizontal rule
  • Find/Replace
  • Spell Check
  • Insert Image
  • Insert iFrame (embedded movies, and a Source tab that allows you to enter any HTML code)
  • Font Family and Font Sizes
  • Background color

There were some little used function buttons in the standard editor that could have been eliminated:

  • Undo, Redo (Ctrl-z and Ctrl-y functions have always been there as a control key combination shortcut)
  • Paste as Text I guess is OK but you have full HTML raw editing on the Text Tab

WP-Edit allows you to customize what buttons you have on your toolbar, and in what order.   With the free version of WP-Edit, you are only allowed two rows of buttons, so I usually eliminate the ones I rarely use, like the special characters, Undo/Redo, strikethrough, help, etc.  I then place the essential functions I mentioned above on my custom toolbar.


  • Go into your WP-ADMIN Dashboard.
  • Select Plugins
  • Add New
  • Search for WP Edit
  • Install
  • Activate

In the Plugins Section, find WP Edit

  • Click the Settings link, and drop and drag your buttons as you wish.


Free vs Purchase

The purchased version has many new features, and allows you to create other rows, but a single site license at $17.95 per year is pretty steep for a plug-in.   I would need to have a multi-site or developer license that would be $75 and $125 respectively.   Free gives me what I need, so FREE IT IS.