You are not a FAILURE.  It is a PROCESS.  Sales will come

Coaching comments

You are not a FAILURE. It is a PROCESS. Sales will come. Keep building your list, adding WorldProfit associates

WorldProfit Ideas

  • I’ve made $21 so far on the new WorldProfit Bitcoin funnel. I’m switching between free (Ad Examples) and the Funnel #10
  • DO NOT PROMOTE SILVER – Instant Silver was removed from Instant Sales Pages.
  • Latest Friday training stated to promote Ad Examples – traffic, free bitcoin, rotators, SEO. Get them on your list, let the process work
  • Broadcast Clickbank Promo Kit (or Maximizer if you have it), Money Maker Kit NEWSLETTERS 3-4 times per week to your prospects.

Autoresponder Ideas

  • I created an autoresponder message stream with the promo letters from each of the Clickbank products and MoneyMaker Kit (use TEHB or Platinum autoresponder – wherever you have lifetime membership or longest term expectations)
  • I like TEHB and GetResponse because I can "recycle" message streams by moving members to another message group. In TEHB, I start out with everybody in TheSuperNetHub – Done-For-You message stream. After 3 weeks, I shift them to another (like the WorldProfit stream I created, traffic streams, clickbank, etc). Once your subscribers have received all emails in the message group, they just sit there unless you broadcast to them, or "recycle" them into another message group.
  • Upgraded TEHB members can broadcast every x days (Ultimate is 3 days)

Safelist Improvement Ideas:

Use Safelist as incentive

  • On all solos and email promos add the following below your signature
  • Upgrade to [Premium member] at [site] in my downline and get Free Lifetime GOLD + Ad Pack and Promo Codes at Safelist

Create unique splash page with lead capture (see with the software I developed. Files attached (download them):

  • Sign in via cpanel
  • Using cpanel File Manager, upload the attached files to your hosting account (I recommend in public_html/websites/)
  • Using cpanel File Manager Editor, update your picture and info in _splashtemplate2.php
  • Using cpanel File Manager, Copy l2cinclfile.php to a new inclfile for each project (Right Click – Copy)
  • Using cpanel File Manager editor, update new inclfile.php – follow comments

Broadcasts Daily using AdMedia Admin Solos software I had developed (I send 3-5 daily to increase login rates, awareness, tips)

Update TEHB SuperNet Business Hub page

  • Free only for 90 days
  • Update monthly prices – no lifetime anymore (unless grandfathered)

Site Stats

  • Brag about high Ad CTRs
  • Run a sale on Lifetime Banners – they generally have good stats and get display priority (drop price to 3 for $10 during January)
  • Look at clicks per solo ad
  • Login ads and full page ads, if they are not doing great, that tells me your members either don’t login or ignore these ads in login process. (Try this: In Edit Pages Login Ads, tell them to click Login Ad banners for more points)

Remember Einstein’s definition of "insanity". Keep changing it up!​


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