You’ve Signed Up. Now what do you do?


Congratulations on signing on with an incredibly powerful marketing system and Advertising Community.  
There is one secret I want to share with you:


Whether you are a free or paid member, you have been given a generous allocation of starting ads or points.  Membership has its privileges,  but none of those privileges here or any other TAE/TE include magic, telepathy, or hypnotism. It requires YOU to DO SOMETHING before the power of advertising is released.

Here are my suggestions:
Review How it Works and Surf to Earn Credits
Set up your Banner Ads, at least a few.   Don’t know what banners to advertise?  ASK for some suggestions!  
  • For instance, just by becoming a member at, you are also signed up as a free associate at WorldProdfit.  You can earn commissions by having prospects sign up as Silver members at WorldProfit.  It also gives you the opportunity to start building YOUR LIST.  Your resources are located under Referrals.  I can help you find the WorldProfit ad resources.
  • Join as a free member of Giant Profit Ads and Mad Cow Ads.  Why?  More free advertising resources, great Downline Builders, and SuperNetwork connections at the lowest allowable prices.  Post your ads there, and post the banners from those two sites here.  Ad resources are located under Tools and Stats on those sites.
Set up your Text Ads, at least a few
  • If you need ad copy, check the Resources or Tools and Stats for that program.
  • If you need help finding or composing ad copy, submit a ticket at Contact Us
Set up your Exchange Sites, at least a few
  • These tell about your site with a text message, then display a “snapshot” of your site in the exchange.  Again Giant Profit Ads and Mad Cow Ads, or any other program to build your list are great choices.
Send  Member-to-Member mail every 3 days
  • How many members you send to is according to your membership level.  Free members send to up to 500.  Pro sends up to 2500 members, and Lifetime sends to 5000 members.
You have many other ad types but just get started with this.
Being an Advertising Community implies support and help.  Simply submit a ticket under CONTACT US (not Support) with any question at all.