What is the difference between a text link and a website url?

Question from member:

What is the difference between a text link and a website url?


Let’s explain about several types of ads:

Text Ads and Surf Sites.

When you read an email, when you click a credit link in the body of the email you receive, in the header of webpage that displays is generally a banner, but there could also be a “text ad”. All the viewer sees is the information you put in the “text link” field when defining a text ad. In those headers, both banners and text ads are clickable, and you earn credits for clicking them.

A text ad could also appear in the member area on the safelist.

So, there are two parts to a text ad:
The “text link” field is the human-readable message that the viewer sees.

The “website URL” is the address of webpage that displays when the viewer clicks that link. The web address must start with http://. This may also be called the “target URL” on some systems.

A TEXT AD (found in Advertising | Text Advertising) is different than your sites (found in Advertising | Add Your Sites).

On the “Add Your Sites” page, the name is just for your reference – the viewer never sees it. These are the websites that are displayed when “surfing”. To see sites that other members have posted in Add Your Sites, (you cannot see your own), go to Earn | Surf Websites.

I hope this answered your question.

Shortly, there will be a “manual” posted, a blog, training videos. This is a relatively new site, and all of the improvements I have made on some of my “needier” sites are still a work in progress here.

I just got your second ticket, but I think this answers that question also.

Rich Moyer